Single-channel digital film installation

HD colour - mute

7’12” seamless loop

Projector, HD media player, rear-projection screen

Dimensions variable



Convolver was commissioned by leading London post production company, Finish, to create an artwork which would make best use of their large Wardour Street facing window.


Foster decided to enhance the existing grid structure of the window by devising a moving image for it that is similarly fractured. He divided the central twenty seven panes into nine horizontally spaced time delay zones. Each three pane column contains the same sequence of moving light textures, but each repetition is delayed by one second. The resultant twisting coils of light appear to waft across the window in the wake of passers-by on the street.


The film strives to draw attention to the window in a gentle and beguiling way, without imposing itself on the street.


The work was made by filming a variety of lighting effects, liquids and moving textures. The multiple image post production was completed at Finish.

Installation view at Finish in Wardour Street